My version of Khakhra. Or as I like to call it, Incredible Edible Crispy Roti!

Before I continue onto my post. I want to say how sad I feel to hear about the children who died in India because of pesticide poisoning in their food. People are careless, it is ridiculous. It angers me a lot! My heart goes out to the children and families and I hope that something like this never ever takes place again, anywhere in the world.


I’ve always been a huge fan of the Gujarati snack called Kakhra! It’s crispy, flaky, healthy and pure yumminess!

My family enjoyed the taste of it but I’ve got to get my Guy & also my Gujju-best-friend to try it out soon!

So the reason why I called this the “Incedible Edible Crispy Roti” is that it kinda looks like a Roti and not so much like the khakhra that you get at the stores – perfectly round & flat. Mine are the shapes of Australia, India, Canada…etc. etc. It certainly tasted like khakhra though!

I was very happy with the way it turned out.
So here are the ingredients. It made about 15 mini “Incredible Edible Crispy Rotis”, plus some left over dough in the fridge.


2 cups whole wheat flour
0.5 tablespoon red chilli powder (or more if you like spicy)
0.5 tablespoon turmeric powder
0.5 tablespoon cumin seeds
1.5 tablespoon olive oil/canola oil/your oil of choice
salt to taste
(spray oil for later)

Slowly pour water, little by little, blend everything together a until you get dough. Make sure the dough is not of a sticky consistency, it means you’ve added too much water. So to fix that, add more flour to even it out. 🙂

I used my handy dandy Kitchen Aid Food Processor. I love it!

Separate the dough into balls and roll it out. Flatten the ball as much as possible.  Use a little flour to spread on top of the flattened balls so they don’t stick to the counter.The first few that I rolled out where not thin enough and puffed up. So the next few I rolled them even flatter and they turned out amazingly crispy! Place them on the pan without spraying any oil. Then after you’ve cooked both sides, spray a little Pam oil (or whichever oil you choose) and they’ll get crisp!

Place them in an air tight container. You can play around with the flavours, add masala power, more chilli powder-whatever floats your boat. Have this with yogurt and / or pickle, have it as an afternoon snack with tea.



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