My afternoon…with pics!

Woke up late today and been lazing around at home, chilling with my Grannie. We get along just fine because secretly I am an inner-Grannie myself. 😉

Brunch consisted of instant coffee & cereal (no milk).

Checked up on my baby fish! Our guppies had three babies yesterday and we made sure to separate them from the adult fish so they wouldn’t get gobbled up! I feel they have grown overnight! I think there may be more babies on the way, two of our guppies have big bellies! Any advice from anyone on how to make sure they grow into healthy adults?

It’s a beautiful afternoon, blue skies and breezy. Bumble bees are out and about. Our Apple Tree has many many apples!

My squat challenge – yesterday Day 2 complete! Yet to complete Day 3.

Thank you for the total 20 likes! ❤

Till next time!



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2 responses to “My afternoon…with pics!

  1. Are those peonies and sweet peas? I love both so much!

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